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American History



AP U.S. HistoryOn line essay evaluation service and other AP exam info

US History Since 1850 Civil War more links

All about the Oregon Trail Intro-Why is this so important? Discovers & Explorers - Where Lewis and Clark failed, Robert Stuart succeeded. Jumping off -Leaving home forever. Any you can't take anything with you.

America Dreams through the Decades:Student Page The United States Congress and Librarian of Congress, Dr. Billington, challenge you to create an exhibit, America Dreams. To create your exhibit you will work in teams assuming a variety of roles to look at the dreams of Americans through a number of perspectives.

Engines of Inquiry - Supplemental Resources sites

Colonial America more links

Immigrant unit



Links to Native Americans MY FIRST NATIONS PAGE

Oneida Indian Nation

More links Index of Native American Resources on the Internet

Columbus link page

AltaVista: Simple Query "Christopher Columbus" and history
Christopher Columbus's Voyage On The Web
Welcome to the White House for Kids
The Town Crier
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Discoverers Web Homepage

USA: Outline of American History (1990) - 1

Lewis & Clark Sites

Declaring Independence: Drafting the Documents

Declaration of Independence

United Kingdom -- Primary Documents

US Historic Docs Page

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