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For Tech Academy:

May, 1998, From Now On The New Plagiarism: Seven Antidotes to Prevent Highway Robbery in an Electronic Age

Managing Quandaries, Dilemmas and Conundrums Networking Schools April 1998

Five Hundred Miles - Rationale 1998, Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved. For online use only.

The WIRED Classroom Creating Technology Enhanced Student-Centered Learning Environments
by Jamie McKenzie March 1998

Secrets of Success - Professional Development by Jamie McKenzie 1998

The Question is the Answer Creating Research Programs for An Age of Information
by Jamie McKenzie 1997

FILLING THE TOOL BOX by Jamieson A. McKenzie, Ed.D. and Hilarie Bryce Davis, Ed.D. 1997 Crossing the Great Divide: Adult Learning for Integrative and Innovative Use of   Technology with Students 1995

Curriculum Design for the WWW: Athena


Technology & Learning Online   Online magazine with some cool integration ideas

Meridian: Middle School Computer Technologies Journal

Blockscheduling more links

Teaching Techniques and Philosophies etc. more links

Educational Technology for Schools

Table of Contents Fostering the Use of Educational Technology:Elements of a National Strategy
Thomas K. Glennan, Arthur Melmed (1996)

NT Plan Summary - Voices From the Field: Table of Contents Voices from the Field - Listserv of Nation Long-Range Technology Plan -- March 1995

Secretary's Conference '95: SYNTHESIS OF CONFERENCE DISCUSSION MAJOR ISSUES -  Secretary's Conference on Educational Technology -- March 1995

Overview of Technology and Education Reform

Education article for those who are interested in the educational system; its problems, possible solutions, and how advances in computer technology can provide new opportunities in teachning and learning.

Plugging In This EdTalk is based on a report entitled Designing Learning and Technology for Educational Reform, authored by Beau Fly Jones, Gilbert Valdez, Jeri Nowakowski, and Claudette Rasmussen and published by the North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, 1995. (graphs of engaged learner)

Pathways to School Improvement