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Modern Presidency Theme Activity: All in a Day’s Work Grades 9-12 Using the materials listed, students will investigate the roles of the president and select a president who best exemplifies one of those roles.

Lesson Plan: Cooperative Team and Classbuilding Activities US Government

Congress Today-This site allows Internet users to access a complete and reliable directory of information
about the members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.

Sites below taken from November 1997 Law Wise (suggested grade levels 7-12):

American Bar Association:ABA Division for Public Education

Designed to increase public understanding about the law and its role in society, this website offers sections designed to reach distinct public audiences. The website includes law related links for students, teachers, librarians, lawyers/judges, journalists, and consumers. The website also includes the division's newsletter, program information, and recent news releases.

American Political Science: Law & Courts Website

Providing links to an array of law-related resources, this site is separated into user-friendly sections. Links are provided to decisions of the Supreme Court (including oral arguments for some cases), US Courts of Appeals, and State Courts. Other sections include criminal justice, historical documents, governmental agencies, legal research and writing, current law-related periodicals, and legal search indexes and engines.

Center for Civic Education: Center for Civic Education

Intended specifically for use by educators interested in civic education, this website offers information about the Center for Civic Education and its programs. The page additionally links to other civic education resources and organizations available on the Internet.

Center for Civil Society: Friends and Partners: Welcome

Rated a "3-star Site" by Magellan, this site is much more comprehensive than first meets the eye. This page provides links to information and resources relating to the emerging civil society in newly independent states of the former Soviet Union. Information and resources are separated by country as well as organization type. The site provides opportunities for educators and students to establish a relationship with people and organizations from former Soviet countries

Civil Practices Network:CPN - Youth and Education

Providing essays and training manuals in "citizen politics" and community approaches to youth education, this site primarily offers links to stories and case studies involving young people in the community. The links are well-abstracted, enabling users to choose from more than twenty stories and case studies. The site would benefit teachers, administrators, or community members interested in generating creative approaches to law-related education.


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