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Choose one topic or question between #1-8 to complete on a separate piece of paper.  Everybody must complete questions  #9 & 10. 


1.    Write a brief description explaining the similarities and differences between reports and inference (throw in a judgement or two)

2.      What does general semantics mean to you?

3.        Comment on the validity of verbal maps.  Do they represent the territory they describe?

4.            Choose one of the following and write a page or more essay.

                1)     We live in a world of constant, never ending change.

                2)     No two things are identical.

                3)     Each person is unique - we tend to think of people as members of a class and not                          individuals.

                4)     General Semantics & the Self  (choose one below:)

                        a)     No one always succeeds

                        b)     No one is completely controlled by his past.

                        c)     No one is loved by all.

                        d)     No one is the complete and only cause of any effect.

                        e)     No one can achieve goals which are vague and ill-defined.


5.    Man is capable of speech or language.   His ability to communicate allows him to bind time.

6.    Problems arise not from making inferential statements but rather from ACTING AS IF our          inferential statements are factual.

7.    We can never say all about anything, ETC.

8.    Explain the meaning of any of the following pictures.

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9.    How did this lesson affect your life?

10.    Explain your likes and dislikes during this web lesson.